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18. června 2013 v 11:25
Man's Rights in Objectivism

One thing that many people agree upon these days is that man possesses rights. What the vast majority of people disagree on is what exactly man's rights are. Objectivism holds that man's rights are individualistic, as in his rights are his, and cannot infringe upon another person's rights; nothing more and nothing less.

An individual right thus is defined as those rights that men have and do no infringe upon another person's rights. The right of dissenting speech is a right in most cases. To trespass onto another person's property to express your dissenting views on the government invalidates your dissenting speech right, because you harmed another person's rights by trespassing. But it should be made clear you still have your right of dissenting speech, you are only barred from violating another person's right when performing that action.

For those activities that require another person to perform, such as a protest, the word "right" cannot be used in this context. Here it can be called a freedom, with the meaning being: the ability to participate in an activity with at least one other person voluntarily. You cannot be forced to sign a contract, as that would violate a right of choice. You only have the freedom to do so (freedom of association), and again it is your choice, as no one may use force against you.

A large part of man's rights in Objectivism involve barring the use of force. As man cannot be forced to perform an action that violates their rights, the offender is considered to be the violator. For example, a television company cannot be forced to show offensive material from a dissenter. As the dissenter is violating the right of the owner to choose his business practices. This does not mean the businessman is "censoring," as the dissenter still has his right of speech. He simply does not have a right to force others to listen to him.

The most fundamental right is the right to life, as we are mortal beings, death is always a constant. While it is unavoidable, no person, group, or government cannot be trusted with the life of another, only the individual can assure he is to remain alive. As our life is the highest value, it is moral and permissible to have the right of self-defense. From the right to life comes the concept of property rights, which mean that a man is free to use his property as he sees fit.

Property rights do not mean that a person is able to steal, only that once he has lawfully obtained property, he has the freedom to use it. The right to life and property life and connected, we individuals own Panerai Radiomir ourselves and ourselves alone. Thus anything that we can acquire by our productive efforts is rightfully ours. All other rights depend upon property rights, even basics such as free speech. Without control over our own body, we cannot securely possess any other right.

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